Privacy Statement And Web Site Privacy

Commitment to Privacy & Responsible Use of Information

We respect your privacy and are committed to never using any personal information provided via this website, in a way which erodes this privacy. The personal details we do request will not be passed on to a third party or used for purposes other than that which is stated on this site. We will not publish, sell, trade, loan, rent, disclose or re-use the information you give us.

What Information is Collect & Why

Data is collected from our web site to determine which pages are the most popular, what country users come from, peak usage times and similar information. This data is collected to make our site easier to use so that you can find the information you need more quickly.

We also request your name and email address when you register with us on the site. This is used to personalise your next and subsequent visits to our site. In addition to this individual registration we set a “cookie” on your machine for further personalisation. A cookie is a small piece of information which is stored on your hard drive. The cookie links to your personalisation information on our system. If you do not wish to use cookies you can set your browser so it will not accept them.

The site personalisation is specific to your requests and you don’t have to fill in details about your current investments and policies.

We will occasionally email you information we think is relevant to you. Of course, you have the opportunity to ask us not to send you information.

Link to Other Sites

There are links to other sites which provide services for you on the Bastion Wealth Australia site. None of these links comprise or imply support or recommendation of any other company, product or service. We do not control and are not responsible for the information on any other site found through our site. Bastion Wealth Australia Privacy Statement

Bastion Wealth Australia is committed to upholding the Privacy Act 1988 (and Amendment 2000) which outlines how organisations should manage and use personal and sensitive information collected and held about their customers.

Charter Privacy Policy

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