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With over 60 years of experience, our Financial Planners at Bastion Wealth have helped tens of thousands of Australians with superannuation advice. At Bastion Wealth we ensure that we provide tailored solutions to each individual and we are aware that your investment solutions may change over time.Some of the areas that our Financial Planners may discuss with you include:

The mix of assets you are investing in, including cash, fixed interest, property, Autralian shares and international shares.

Types of contributions, including salary sacrificing, concessional and non concessional, Government co – contribution, eligible spouse contribution etc

Funding personal insurances via superannuation vs insurance held outside of superannuation.

Retirement gap analysis and determining the lump sum required for retirement.

Transition to retirement strategy for individuals that are still working and are over their superannuation preservation age being 55 at present.

Using superannuation for commencement of income streams in retirement.

Making binding nominations vs non binding nominations.

Nominating reversionary beneficiaries with super income streams.

The investment needs and required strategies for individuals that are in their 20’s or 30’s may be quite different to individuals that are in their 50’s to 60’s. Broadly speaking, most Australians will fit in to one of three categories in terms of their superannuation stage:

Ages 20 to 45 – Accumulation Stage

Ages 45 to 60: Pre-retirement Stage

Ages 60 to life expectancy: Retirement and Post Retirement Stage

Of course there are some commonly held needs and objectives amongst these groups, which will often determine their attitude towards investing in superannuation.

For people in the first group, the accumulation stage for instance, some of their focuses in life may include things such as entry into the workforce, marriage, buying their first home, starting a family and focussing on career. As a result the strategies that may be suitable for them in terms of their superannuation needs would need to complement their life stage.In comparison individuals in the second group, the pre-retirement stage, may be a little closer to paying off their first mortgage and may even be considering an investment property. They may perhaps have children that are a little older, they may be entering a second marriage, they may be further advanced in their career, or they may even be seeking a change in career. Once again the superannuation strategies that may suit this group would need to complement other parts of their lives and lifestyles.

Conversely, people that fall in to the retirement and post retirement stage may be seeking advice on superannuation strategies that can assist in generating an income as they are no longer in the work force, and let’s face it, retirement can mean anything from spending time with grandchildren, to regular overseas holidays! For this reason the level of income required at retirement will vary greatly from one person to another.

At Bastion Wealth, we aim to understand you and your lifestyle, as well as your future expectations, so that we can help you to implement relevant strategies that will help you to achieve your goals. Our Financial Planners understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution to the sometimes complex world of superannuation.

Our advisers thoroughly discuss what you want to achieve with your retirement savings and coach you on what investments will give you the best opportunity to achieve those goals.

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