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Investment and Wealth Creation Strategies

Creating wealth through good advice, strategic planning, sound decision making, and some long term commitment is our philosophy at Bastion Wealth.

Our Financial Planners at Bastion Wealth have a wide range of investment strategies and options available to help their clients build wealth, diversify assets and work towards achieving short and long term goals and aspirations.Through our proven process, we will endeavor to understand your current position as well as your individual needs and objectives, which may include things such as:

Retiring with enough money to live on
Protecting the family while focusing on reducing debt
Minimising tax
Maximising Centrelink entitlements
Protecting ownership arrangements in business
Dealing with redundancy or retrenchment
Reviewing and consolidating superannuation
Creating wealth
Addressing a surplus or deficit cashflow
Dealing with inheritance
Planning for children’s education
Establishing estate planning arrangements
Managing capital gains tax, and much more.
After understanding what is most important to you, we will then step you through a comprehensive risk profiling process, and take the time to understand your tolerance to risk and volatility.

After considering a number of solutions and strategies, we will prepare a formal advice document for you, which will address your needs and objectives. Where applicable we will recommend an investment platform from a comprehensive approved product list.Our investment platforms cater for all types of investors, whatever your investment needs, individual risk profile and long-term investment goals.

Through our comprehensive and well managed approved product list, we can offer investments with a wide variety of asset classes, including cash, fixed interest, listed property, Australian shares and international shares, developed and emerging markets, as well as different styles.

We can even offer investments with a unique capital protection mechanism for those investors that like the idea of investing in growth assets but would prefer to mitigate the risk.

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