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Retirement Planning Strategies

Retirement is about simplifying complex issues such as Centrelink, superannuation and income streams, to live the retirement you deserve.

In the years leading up to retirement, your focus will probably shift away from the day to day financial matters, such as paying off your mortgage, to thinking about your retirement.

How much money will you need? Have you been contributing enough to super and how can you increase your super balance to fund a comfortable retirement?

It’s important to consider that retirement life stage may last a long time, depending on your retirement age, this is sometimes more than 40 years.

Increasing life expectancy may mean that if you retire at age 65, you may live for 20 or even 30 years after retirement.


You may want to start working less and consider moving to part-time employment. You may also start thinking about about ways to provide financial assistance to your children once you are gone.

Careful planning before you retire can make a big difference to your superannuation balance, making it last longer and giving you peace of mind that your hard-earned wealth is protected for you and your children.

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